The Group employs a dynamic group of people with varied education, diverse backgrounds, and extensive experience and knowledge of various areas of society. The Human Resources Policy of Ósar and other policies in support of it ensure a common vision of the employees and management of Ósar and its subsidiaries as a workplace. 

Health and well-being is a priority

We are a health-oriented workplace and place an emphasis on promoting good physical, social, and mental health of our employees. This is achieved by offering:

  • Healthy lunches and wholesome snacks in between meals
  • A wide variety of vitamins and minerals in the workplace
  • Special deals on health products, vitamins, and sportswear
  • Regular lectures on health during working hours
  • Grants from the Health Fund of Ósar that encourages health promotion of staff groups
  • Health checks
  • Physical exercise subsidies
  • Flexibility in organisation of work and working hours including the possibility of remote work.

Opportunities for growth

We encourage and inspire our people and provide them with opportunities to grow and blossom in their work by offering:

  • Access to varied education from the training schedule of Ósar
  • Educational grants for work-related courses and education
  • Participation in review groups in connection with improvement projects
  • Training for those who are approaching retirement on the opportunities of the upcoming milestone

Morale and social life

We want a healthy working environment and great morale for our staff. Which is why we offer:

  • Regular job satisfaction surveys
  • A robust intranet
  • Personnel committee
  • Staff associations
  • Regular events

Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity

The Group follows an equal-pay policy and an action plan in equality issues, emphasising equal rights and the equal status of employees, regardless of gender.

  • Equal pay certification

Samfélagsskýrsla Ósa

Við erum meðvituð um að sjálfbær þróun er stöðug vegferð sem kallar á heildarsýn og langtímahugsun.

Samfélagsskýrsla Ósa og dótturfélaga sýnir fram á heildstæða samantekt á þeim fjölbreyttu verkefnum samstæðunnar sem styðja við samfélagslega ábyrgð og gefur þannig góða mynd af starfseminni og því mikilvæga hlutverki sem félögin gegna í samfélagslegu tilliti.