Together We Form the Lifeline of Health

With the extensive experience and knowledge of our staff, a strong supply of medicinal products, medical devices, operating supplies, and health-promoting products, and extensive product management and distribution services, we work systematically to service the health sector, increase the quality of life of individuals, and promote better health and well-being of Icelanders.

Companies with a Beautiful History

Ósar’s subsidiaries have deep roots in the Icelandic community, and their history can be traced back to the year 1919, when Stefán Thorarensen founded the pharmacy Laugavegsapótek. Ósar provides its subsidiaries with support services in the field of information technology, human resource management, financial management, and in connection with compliance and quality management so that the subsidiaries can individually focus on their core business.



Icepharma is a well-established knowledge company in the Icelandic healthcare and consumer market, and collaborates with many international pharmaceutical companies and services them in various ways. Icepharma is also an agent and service provider for a variety of nursing and health products, research- and prosthetic devices, and other products intended for health services in Iceland.  In addition, Icepharma is an agent for a number of health-promoting brands, e.g. vitamins, supplements, organic foods, and sportswear sold to consumers through its own online stores or through third parties.  LYFIS is operated as an independent business unit within Icepharma’s Pharmaceutical Division and specialises in the sale and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals. 



Parlogis has an important role within the corporation and the company’s responsibility includes procurement, import, product management, and inventory management. The Parlogis warehouses are specialised for medicinal products, medical devices, and health products, and they serve as distribution sites for the products to customers all over the country. 

Our Social Responsibility

The emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility of Ósar and its subsidiaries has grown steadily, and we are therefore very pleased to now publish a joint Social Report that covers the entire Group. The report gives a clear view of the operations and the important role that the companies play in society.

We are a Health-Promoting Workplace

Human resources are our most important resource that we strive to nurture. Our goal is to create a safe and good working environment so that work can contribute to an increased quality of life for employees.