Our role and objective is to increase people’s quality of life and be a leader in the supply of diverse products related to prevention, health and a healthy lifestyle.

A Key Role in the Health of the People

Health and wellness can be defined as an individual’s ability to adapt and be in control when they face physical, mental and social challenges in life. Our role and objective is to suuport the healthcare system and the individual who face such challenges in their life and be a leader in the supply of diverse products related to prevention, health and a healthy lifestyle.

We have an important role to play in dealing with those struggling with illness and take on the important task of providing healthcare institutions with vital medicines and medical devices and delivering them safely and responsibly to healthcare professionals, pharmacies and in some cases directly to patients and individuals.

The Group’s employees also play a key role as sponsors of the healthcare system in counseling and disseminating information to healthcare professionals and in many cases directly to patients and their relatives. This counseling by the Group’s employees is based on professional knowledge and experience that spans a very wide range.

Hjörtur Gunnlaugsson

Hjörtur is the Managing Director of Icepharma’s Health Division. Here, Hjörtur talks about the division’s diverse projects and the important role of the experts who work there.

Hjörtur is both a jogger and a cyclist and was one of Icepharma’s participants in the Cyclothon cycling competition which was held in June 2021

Sigríður Ermarsundskappi

„In August 2021, I had to undergo a colostomy operation, which went well, and as a result, I received good help from Landsspítali’s ostomy nurses. When life finally began to return to normal after the operation and I began to pursue my active lifestyle again, however, problems began to surface that no one seemed to have a solution to. I was about to give up when I was told to contact Geirþrúður, an ostomy specialist in Icepharma’s Health Division. After that, things started to develop in the right direction. She has been tireless in educating me, pointing me to new ostomy products to try and encouraging me when my patience has run out. Today I don’t see the ostomy as an obstacle, because I know that with the help I have received, I can overcome all the challenges that come my way.“

Health Promotion Is a Matter of the Heart!

Health promotion aims to influence people’s lifestyles and enable them to live healthy lives. We collaborate with individuals and associations and emphasise diversity and equality when it comes to choosing partners. We place no less emphasis on ensuring that those individuals and groups who we choose to partner with are considered positive role models in behaviour and lifestyles and are likely to promote a health-promoting lifestyle.

Despite the fact that a large part of the year 2021 was characterised by a pandemic and restrictions on gatherings, we were able to organise and participate in various health-promoting collaborative projects and events, as the importance of health promotion has seldom been greater.

Þuríður Hrund Hjartardóttir

Þuríður Hrund is the Managing Director of Icepharma’s Health and Sports Division. Here, Þuríður talks about collaborative projects that were carried out in the year 2021 and the company’s policy when it comes to grants for projects that support health promotion.

Þuríður is a former handball player and life coach and uses that experience and technique both in recreation and in work. Þuríður is diligent and unafraid to try new things when it comes to exercise and health-promoting challenges and pursues e.g. outdoor activities and mountaineering with vigour.

„The collaboration with Icepharma’s Sports Division has really benefitted me. It has helped me to be able to practice my sport vigorously and to be able to wear my favourite brand.

The collaboration has been really good, both good communication and great service. I am very pleased with the collaboration with the Icepharma Sports Division.“

Sveindís Jane, member of the national football team.

Arnar Péturs is an experienced runner and professional athlete that Icepharma has supported and collaborated with in recent years. Here, Arnar tells us about his interesting collaboration with Icepharma’s Sports Division, the significance of grants for athletes in general and the important role that athletes play in general as socially responsible role models.

Icepharma’s Online B2B Store

At the beginning of the year, Icepharma’s Vörutorg was introduced and formally taken into use. Vörutorg is an accessible online store for companies and institutions where customers can view a wide range of products, perform searches and call up detailed information about products and manufacturers. Today, about 360 customers have access to Icepharma’s Vörutorg, where they can order products electronically, get an overview of previous orders and purchase history and take advantage of so-called quick buys that enable them to order the same product again very quickly. A number of users also use the store as an information website, and visits to Vörutorg’s website average around 3,000 each month. Icepharma is directly linked to Parlogis, which handles the selection and delivery of products to Icepharma’s customers, making the purchase process direct and very simple, fast and convenient for customers.

Some of the brands that can be found on Icepharma’s Vörutorg

„Vörutorg is a welcome solution for accessing the products on offer. It is important to be able to easily search for the product you want, get the price and stock immediately. Vörutorg stores previous orders, invoices and other information that is useful for traceability.“

Þórunn A. Einarsdóttir , surgical nurse.
Klíníkin Ármúla