The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2016. These are the most comprehensive goals that the nations of the world have agreed upon, and they aim to ensure prosperity and human rights around the world by 2030.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are the Action Plan for all of us. We know that sustainable development is a constant journey, so it is important that we set ourselves ambitious goals. However, the goals must also be realistic so that it is possible to stay the course and succeed.

We have chosen to focus on the following four goals in strategy and goal setting. However, we look to all 17 goals and sub-goals as a specific guide for the Group for the future.

General good health and well-being is a very important part of efforts to achieve the goals of sustainable development. With the extensive experience and knowledge of our staff, a strong supply of medicinal products, medical devices, operating supplies and health-promoting products and extensive product management and distribution services, we work systematically to service the health sector, increase the quality of life of individuals and promote better health and well-being of Icelanders. Accordingly, we promote a healthy lifestyle and the good health of our employees in a variety of ways, including in the form of grants and encouragement to participate in health-promoting activities both inside and outside the workplace.

Ósar and its subsidiaries work in accordance with the Equality Policy and the Equality Plan, which is based on the Act on Equal Status and Gender Equality. We place great emphasis on maintaining equality and equal opportunities regardless of gender and reject gender-based violence in any form. The gender ratio of the Board Members and the managing directors of the companies is equal, and the subsidiaries Icepharma and Parlogis have both received equal pay certification. We respect the privacy of employees by providing and promoting an environment and workplace where everyone is able to reconcile their work responsibilities and responsibilities towards their family.

We are aware that long-term and sustainable economic growth is a driving force for progress, creating good employment and improving living standards. The Group’s revenue has grown in recent years and financial strength has increased, which has, among other things, enabled us to better cope with economic fluctuations and setbacks. The companies are therefore well placed to fulfil their role as an important link in the health chain, and we want to fulfil this role by pursuing sustainable business practices with social responsibility as a guiding principle.

We are aware of the importance of looking at the three pillars of sustainable development in context so that we can seek to maximise economic and social well-being without harming the environment. The Group intends to set ambitious environmental targets each year, which aim to manage the Group’s operations in such a way that negative environmental impacts are kept to a minimum. Each company will thus set smaller targets in support of the Group’s main targets. Great emphasis is placed on strengthening employees’ environmental awareness, and among other things, regular measurements are made of the Group’s carbon footprint and employees kept informed of the results.