Ósar and its subsidiaries, Icepharma, LYFIS and Parlogis, are health and wellness companies that play an important and socially responsible role as sponsors of the healthcare system.

We Contribute to the Increased Quality of Life of Icelanders

Good health and well-being is a very important part of efforts to achieve the goals of sustainable development. We are aware of our socially important role in this context and take it seriously. With the extensive experience and knowledge of our staff, a strong supply of medicinal products, medical devices, operating supplies and health-promoting products and extensive product management and distribution services, we work systematically to service the health sector, increase the quality of life of individuals and promote better health and well-being of Icelanders.

Parlogis Plays a Key Role in the Lifeline

Parlogis’ social responsibility

The name Parlogis is derived from the phrase “Partner in logistics”, which describes the role of the company well. Parlogis offers comprehensive product management services in the health and health products sector, with a strong focus on ambitious workmanship, excellence and reliability. Parlogis’ social responsibility is great, especially considering that it is responsible for the supply chain for approx. 40% of the pharmaceutical market in Iceland, in addition to which the company has significant activities in terms of the distribution of nursing products and medical devices. Parlogis takes its role very seriously and makes sure that there is an adequate supply of marketed medicines and medical devices in the country, which is especially important in the time of COVID-19 and global unrest.

700 Orders Daily

Parlogis operates two warehouses. One of them is specialised for medicinal products and health products to ensure the right storage and processing conditions, and the other warehouse is specialised for consumer products such as vitamins and supplements, sporting goods and food. Both warehouses are well equipped, and the reliability is invariably above 99.9%. On average, around 700 orders are processed daily from Parlogis’ warehouses to pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, dentists, specialists and grocery stores, and in most cases orders, are processed within 24 hours.

Professional Working Practices are Paramount

Quality control is paramount in all of Parlogis’ operations. Work is done according to ISO 9001 certification, GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Medicines are sensitive products, and therefore, special care must be taken with both transport and storage conditions to ensure their efficacy and quality. Pharmaceutical shipments to Iceland contain a temperature sensor that is read during a thorough reception inspection to ensure that temperature deviations or other deviations did not occur before the medicinal products are approved for sale and thus become widely distributed within the healthcare system.

Annual Service Surveys Prove the Quality of the Service

Parlogis conducts an annual customer service survey, with independent marketing companies sending out questionnaires to pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare facilities. The results of the survey have for years unequivocally shown that Parlogis provides the healthcare system with excellent service and reliability at the forefront in Iceland.

We Want to Have a Positive Effect on the Community

The world is truly changing, and the average age is rising. A change in the age composition of the nation with an increasing number of senior citizens will make increased demands on the welfare service. It is therefore very important to look at the aging of the nation as an opportunity for progress and development. Ósar and its subsidiaries want to influence society and promote the ability of individuals to maintain health and well-being and improve their quality of life for the future.

Kristján Jóhannsson

Kristján Jóhannsson is the Chairman of the Board of Icepharma. Here, Kristján talks about the future society and how Ósar and its subsidiaries want to influence and participate in its formation.

Health Settlement by Arnarnesháls

One of the biggest projects of the year 2021 is Ósa’s participation and leading role in the development of a health settlement at Arnarnesháls in Garðabær. The settlement will, on one hand, consist of spacious, high-quality apartments that offer the possibility of high-tech modernisation for those aged 50 and over, which contributes to individuals being able to enjoy maximum quality of life and independence for life. On the other hand, the settlement will house a centre for companies that specialise in healthcare, development and innovation in health-promoting activities. Ósar and its subsidiaries will build their future headquarters in the area and be a leader in the development of the business sector of the settlement.

,,In Arnarland, a cluster of health technology companies will be formed in a dynamic environment that connects people, companies and start-ups that together will solve some of the future challenges that the healthcare system and Icelandic society face.

With environmental and sustainability issues in mind, the planning of the district will be such that it meets the requirements for a BREEAM eco-certification. The certification aims to ensure economic and social benefits while reducing environmental impact. Thus, the project supports the Group’s policies and values on sustainability and social responsibility.”

Hálfdan Gunnarsson, CEO of Parlogis, leads the development of the business sector of the land on behalf of Ósar.

A Participant in Development and Innovation that Contributes to Increased Quality of Life

As evidenced by the Arnarland project, our goal is to be a participant and supporter of development and innovation in welfare technology and solutions that contribute, among other things, to individuals being able to live longer at home in safety and with access to services that are important to them.

This year, Icepharma participated in a collaborative project with the Reykjavík City Welfare Department on the introduction of 25 automatic dosing dispensers in clients’ homes. Dosing dispensers are a revolutionary technology that is particularly useful in telehealthcare services and serves residents who live at home but need daily or more frequent assistance and follow-up when taking medicines.

Helga Dagný Sigurjónsdóttir

Helga Dagný, Business Manager at Icepharma’s Health Division, tells us more about the collaborative project.