Corporate Governance

IcepharmaParlogisÓsar Group
Vísir Measure202220222022
G1Gender Ratio on the Board of Directors 
Percentage of women on the Board of Directors (compared to men) 33%33%50%
Percentage of women chairing committees (compared to men) N/AN/AN/A
G2Independence of the Board of Directors 
Does the company prohibit the CEO from holding the chairmanship of the Board? Yes/No  NoNoNo
Percentage of independent Board members 33%33%50%
Do CEOs receive a formal bonus for success in the field of sustainability? NoNoNo
G4Collective Wage Agreements 
Percentage of employees of companies covered by general collective wage agreements 100%100%100%
G5Supplier Code of Ethics 
Are your sellers or suppliers bound by a Code of Ethics? Yes/No NoNoNo
If yes, what percentage of your suppliers have formally certified that they comply with the Code of Ethics?  N/AN/AN/A
G6Ethics and Anti-Corruption Measures 
Does your company follow ethics and/or anti-corruption policies? Yes/No YesNoNo
If yes, what percentage of your employees have formally certified that they comply with the policy? 87%N/AN/A
G7Personal Data Protection 
Does your company follow a Personal Data Protection Policy? Yes/No YesYesYes
Has your company started complying with GDPR Regulations? Yes/No 
G8Sustainability Report 
Does your company publish a sustainability report? Yes/No 
Is information on sustainability included in reporting to the authorities? Yes/No NoNoNo
G9Procedures for Information Provision 
Does your company provide sustainability information to recognised bodies in an organised manner? Yes/No YesYesYes
Does your company focus on specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)? Yes/No YesYesYes
Does your company set goals and report on the progress of UN SDGs? Yes/No YesYesYes
G10Information Audited/Verified by a Third Party 
Is your sustainability information audited or verified by a third party? Yes/No Já/Nei YesYesYes