Environmental Factors

IcepharmaParlogisÓsar Group
Vísir MeasureUnit202220222022
E1Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Total amount in CO2 equivalents, for Scope 1 (if applicable)tCO₂íg125,116,9154,3
Total amount in CO2 equivalents, for Scope 2 (if applicable)tCO₂íg3,511,515,0
Total amount in CO2 equivalents, for Scope 3 (if applicable)tCO₂íg51,64,055,6
E2 Intensity of Greenhouse Gas Emission
Total greenhouse gas emissions based on outlet sizetCO₂íg1,750,381,15
Total gas emissions other than greenhouse gases based on outlet sizetCO₂ígN/AN/AN/A
E3Energy Consumption
Total amount of direct energy consumptionN/AN/AN/A
Total amount of indirect energy consumptionMWh1668601.026
E4Energy Intensity
Direct total energy consumption based on outlet sizeMWh1,510,15,3
E5Energy Composition
Percentage of reneavable energy consumption23%95%63%
Percentage of non-reneavable energy consumption77%5%37%
E6Water Consumption
Total amount of water usedm38.01612.26520.281
Total amount of water reclaimedNot compiledNot compiledNot compiled
E7Environmental Activities
Does the company follow a formal Environmental Policy? Yes/NoYesYesNo
Does the company follow specific policies for waste, water, energy and/or recycling? Yes/NoYesYesNo
Does your company use an approved energy management system? Yes/No
E8Climate Control/Monitoring
Does the Board monitor and/or control climate-related risks? Yes/NoNoNoNo
E9Climate Control/Management
Does the senior management team monitor and/or manage climate-related risks? Yes/NoNoNoNo
E10Climate Risk Mitigation
Total capital invested annually in climate-related infrastructure, resilience and product developmentNot compiledNot compiledNot compiled