Social Aspects

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Vísir Measure202220222022
S1 CEO Wage Proportion
Proportion of the total wages of the CEO and the median total wage of full-time employees Not compiledNot compiledNot compiled
Is this percentage stated by the company in reporting to the authorities? Yes/No NoNoNo
S2 Gender Pay Gap
The ratio of the median of men’s wage payments to the median of women’s wage payments 1,01,11,1
S3 Employee Turnover
Annual change of full-time employees, in percentages *all employees – no distinction made between full-time employees and lower employment ratio 18%4%6%
Annual change of part-time staff, in percentagesNot compiledNot compiledNot compiled
Annual change of contractors and/or consultants, in percentages N/AN/AN/A
S4Gender Diversity
Gender ratio within the company, in percentages (men)M 27%
F 73%
M 38%
F 62%
M 34%
F 66%
Gender ratio in entry-level jobs and next employment level above, in percentages (managers) Not compiledNot compiledNot compiled
Gender ratio in top-level jobs and as managing directors, in percentages (men) M 50%
F 50%
M 50%
F 50%
M 50%
F 50%
S5 Proportion of Temporary Staff
Percentage of part-time staff 4%26%21%
Percentage of contractors and/or consultants 0%0%0%
S6 Anti-Discrimination Action
Does your company follow a Sexual Harassment and/or Equality Policy? Yes/No YesYesYes
S7 Frequency of Occupational Accidents
Frequency of accident-related incidents based on total labour force, in percentages Not compiledNot compiledNot compiled
S8 Global Health and Safety
Does your company follow an Occupational Health Policy and/or a Global Health and Safety Policy? Yes/NoYesYesYes
S9 Child and Forced Labour
Does your company follow an Anti-Child and/or Forced Labour Policy? Yes/No YesYesYes
If yes, does the Anti-Child and/or Forced Labour Policy also apply to suppliers and sellers? Yes/No NoN/AN/A
S10 Human Rights
Does your company follow a Human Rights Policy? Yes/No YesYesYes