Ósar is a company in the field of health and well-being with the role of providing a strong support for its subsidiaries, Icepharma hf., Parlogis ehf. and LYFIS ehf.

Ósar has a Human Resources, a Quality department and a Finance department supporting the subsidiaries, with 25 employees in total. Including the subsidiaries, there are a total of 180 employees. The staff of Ósar and its subsidiaries have extensive experience and knowledge regarding pharmaceuticals and medical devices, nursing, rehabilitation, sports, exercise and health-promoting consumer products.

Deep roots in the Icelandic community

Ósar’s largest subsidiaries, Parlogis and Icepharma, have deep roots in the Icelandic community, and their history can be traced back to the year 1919 when Stefan Thorarensen founded the pharmacy Laugavegsapotek. Icepharma invested in the pharma company LYFIS ehf. in 2018, increasing the number of subsidiaries to three.


Icepharma is a well-established knowledge-based company in the Icelandic consumer and health market, with top-quality brands. The core of the company’s operations is to increase quality of life with a robust supply of health-promoting products and professional services.

Icepharma is divided into three key divisions. The Pharmaceutical division markets medicines that are mainly from foreign pharmaceutical companies and provides them with complete related services such as registration, pharmacovigilance, quality and compliance. The Healthcare division handles marketing, sales and technical services for medical devices and healthcare products. The Health and Sports division is the third key division, which markets and sells sporting goods, vitamins, supplements and health foods to retailers and through its online store H Verslun.

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LYFIS is a pharmaceutical company which specialises in the sale and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals. The company is operated as a business unit within Icepharma’s Pharmaceutical division.


Parlogis was established in 2002 in its current form. The company specialises in logistics services and distribution for marketing companies so that they can focus on their core businesses. Its key services are inventory management, import, warehousing, order management, distribution to customers and payment collection for the company’s clients. The largest product categories distributed by Parlogis are pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, sporting goods and organic foods.

Parlogis has a 40% market share in the distribution of pharmaceuticals in Iceland and operates two warehouses, in Reykjavik. The company has around 75 employees.

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Telephone: 540-8000

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